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A source of
healthy drinking
water for home
and at work

A source of
healthy drinking
water for home
and at work

Discover what Kangen Water® can do for your health and vitality.

In a short time I felt more energetic
My name is Marjanne Bulk. In 2016, Kangen Water® came my way by chance. I first started trying the water for several weeks and noticed that I felt much more energetic in a short period of time. Because I was so touched by the impact of this wonderful water, I started to delve into drinking water. I wish this water on everyone and that is why I started Vital Water to tell you all about the benefits of this healthy drinking water.

With my company Vital Water, I want individuals and businesses to experience the benefits of pure drinking water. Human beings should consist of about 70% water. Water is therefore the basis for a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, drink enough water, but also the right water. Not only me, but many people worldwide have discovered the benefits of Kangen Water®. Read the reviews of my customers.

A source of healthy
drinking water

Fruits and vegetables
tastier and healthier

Better sleep and
more energy

Faster recovery
after exercise

Our modern lifestyle causes physical complaints

In our modern society, all kinds of influences bring our body out of balance, such as (Wifi) radiation, polluted environment, lack of exercise, the food we eat, etc. This can cause all kinds of physical complaints. Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the following points?
You’re often tired and don’t have enough energy to do fun things.
You exercise regularly and find that you are prone to muscle cramps and soreness.
You try to live healthy, but you just can’t get rid of those excess pounds.

You’re often tired and don’t have enough energy to do fun things.

You exercise regularly and find that you are prone to muscle cramps and soreness.
You try to live healthy, but you just can’t get rid of those excess pounds.
Mental clarity, concentration and focus have been stumbling blocks for you for some time.
Your skin problems make you feel insecure; you’ve tried all sorts of things. Nothing seems to address the cause.
Your (chronic) symptoms obstruct you with your daily activities. Do you really have to learn to live with it?
Your skin problems make you feel insecure; you’ve tried all sorts of things. Nothing seems to address the cause.
Mental clarity, concentration and focus have been stumbling blocks for you for some time.

Your (chronic) symptoms hinders you with your daily activities. Do you really have to learn to live with it?

Do you want cleaner drinking water with the right properties for more balance in your body? Then take the step to a healthier and more vital life today and experience whether Kangen Water® fits into your lifestyle.

I understand better than anyone how you can be hindered in your daily life by an unconsciously unhealthy lifestyle


Vital Water has helped more than 160 people to better health by letting them experience Kangen Water®.


Vital Water has more than 6 years of experience with Kangen Water® and wishes this water to everyone!


The first customer was a beautician who immediately understood the benefits of this water.

What is
Kangen Water®

Kangen Water® is tap water that has been converted by filtration and ionization into soft-tasting drinking water with the right properties for the body. Drinking enough Kangen Water® is an efficient way to help restore balance to the body.

How it works

Are you curious what Kangen Water® can do for you? In a few simple steps to a more vital life simply by changing your drinking water.


Water Experience

Through Zoom or on location, you’ll get an explanation of Kangen Water® and see if it fits your lifestyle.


Try for 2 weeks

Experience the benefits of the device at home to be sure if it’s for you.



15 to 20 years of clean, healthier drinking water for you and your whole family! Vital Water will help you with installation.


Point of contact

You are enjoying the benefits of Kangen Water®. Vital Water is still your point of contact and ready to answer all your questions.


Water Experience

Through a webinar or on location, you’ll get an explanation of Kangen Water® and see if it fits your lifestyle.

Try for 2 weeks

Experience the benefits of the device at home to experience what it does for you.


15 to 20 years of cleaner, healthier drinking water for you and your whole family! Vital Water will help you with installation.

Point of contact

You are enjoying the benefits of Kangen Water®. Vital Water is still your point of contact and ready to answer all your questions.

Take the first step toward a more vital and healthy life

Find out what influences cause most complaints and illnesses. Download the free e-book full of tips and tricks you can apply today.
Anita Moritz
"I am a diabetic and since I have been drinking Kangen Water my glucose levels have improved. I am also a lot clearer in my head. My cats also respond extremely well to it, their urine no longer smells. Due to a move, I was unable to drink Kangen water for several weeks. what I noticed is that all my complaints and ailments (upset stomach, fatigue, spots on my skin, etc.) returned when I started drinking tap water again. After I reinstalled the device, it took about a week for me to get back to my desired health level."
─ Anita Moritz
bridge keeper
Raymond Kramer
"For all questions regarding Kangen water, you can contact Marjanne. Marjanne is happy to help you and is always there for you. We have had the Leveluk K8 for over 2 years now and we are still very happy with it. The reason for buying it was that I have type 2 diabetes and by drinking Kangen water I started to feel better and better. I always say my health knows no price."
─ Raymond Kramer
Angelique Dijkhuizen
"Last year I was diagnosed with 'proliferative cells' in a very nasty place. I came into contact with Kangen water via via. The first time I drank it I just kept on drinking it, as if my body really craved it! Before, during and after the (regular) treatment I used everything to get and stay away from the unwanted cell growth. In the health measures, temporary or otherwise, the Kangen water is a keeper. This water, along with a few other modifications, has also ensured that my stools are much healthier and my 'abdominal complaints' have dramatically decreased."
─ Angelique Dijkhuizen
Danielle van Kaathoven
"For six months I came to the hospital every six weeks to have the size of a cyst in my fallopian tube and cancer cell counts assessed. At the hospital they had indicated that at my age (40) the cyst would never go away naturally. I was given the opportunity by a friend to try Kangen water for several weeks. A few weeks later, I returned to the hospital. The impossible had happened after all: the cyst had disappeared and the values normalized. On the way out, I cried with happiness! Now people may come to me for water. I am super excited and grateful."
─ Daniëlle van Kaathoven
Rochelle Drift
"I am so glad I got in touch with Kangen water. My father had been drinking it for a while at work and the positive effects he experienced made me very curious. I then attended a presentation by Vital Water. This was truly an eye opener! We then had the Kangen water device in our home for 2 weeks and after those 2 weeks I was already convinced. I have been drinking it for several months now and don't want anything else. My skin is better, I feel better (physically and mentally) and suffer less from minor 'ailments'. I can sincerely recommend the water to everyone!"
─ Rochelle van der Drift
Henk Blokker
"On my son's recommendation, I started drinking Kangen water because the water helped him get rid of his chilblains. Right away I noticed that Kangen water drinks away easily. Within two months, I too was rid of my painful chilblains. In addition, I sleep better and my sleep apnea is virtually over. Despite my age (73), I feel much fitter and notice that I am tired less often than before. All these advantages are beneficial to me, because I like to be active outdoors."
─ Henk Blokker
Arthur Balayan
"Very nice that I tried Kangen Water and bought a water device. I feel better and clean inside. My troubled stomach is gone, I sleep better, my skin is better and I am more positive. Thank you so much Vital Water!"
─ Arthur Balayan
salesmanager Hilverda De Boer
Hans Bulk
"Because of my daughter Marjanne, I started drinking Kangen Water 6 years ago. Before that I mostly drank milk, tea, juice and cola. Since I drink Kangen Water I hardly feel the need for that anymore. I have not suffered from sleep apnea for years. The other day someone put a glass of tap water in front of me. I didn't find the water drinkable and I was also immediately satiated. Kangen water tastes good and drinks away much easier. The longer I drink it, the more I have come to appreciate the water. When I suffer from flakes of skin on my head, I spray with Beauty Water (pH 6.0). It works great!"
─ Hans Bulk
"Happy every day with Kangen water! I have been drinking this delicious and healthy water since 2016. I take it with me everywhere and also as much as possible when I travel. I work as a stewardess, so it happens that when my supply runs out I drink other water for a few days. When I'm without Kangen water I crave more sugar, sleep less deeply and have less energy. But as soon as I get home I drink Kangen water again immediately and feel recharged, fresh in my head and motivated to take good care of myself as well."
─ Sharon van Wijnbergen
Marry Bos
"The pain from my rheumatoid arthritis is significantly less. On a scale of 1 to 10, the pain is now 2, previously it was 8. If I don't drink Kangen water for a day, the pain increases again. I still take the same medication, but in addition I drink half a liter of Kangen water four times a day. My rheumatism is more stable than ever before. I am grateful that water is making a positive contribution to my health as I age."
─ Marry Bos
Annelies Jansen
"I was born with constitutional eczema. This falls under severe skin conditions. Itching all over my body and in my face. Terrible! But what do you do about it? Eating differently, hormone ointment, Vaseline, you name it and I tried it. As I got older it got worse and I was at my wit's end. Until I heard about kangen water, 3 months I tried the water. I was really amazed at the results. Rashes and itching are reduced by 80%. Meanwhile, I have purchased the device myself. A bit of a purchase in price but definitely worth it."
─ Annelies Jansen
Creative Upcycling made by Annelies
Michael van Praag
"Kangen water I have been drinking very regularly for several years now. In my case, it has improved my eyesight, I feel more energetic and sharper in my head. Also, all my blood values have improved significantly. I especially notice what Kangen water does for me when I travel and cannot drink it for some time. Then I experience a slight relapse."
─ Michael van Praag
oud-voorzitter Ajax en KNVB
Janita Naaijer
"I am extremely happy to have discovered Kangen Water. It came across my path a year ago and immediately piqued my curiosity. I had no physical complaints, but was bothered by the wimpy and dull feeling I regularly had on weekdays after spending a few hours at the computer. Since I have been drinking Kangen Water, that wimpy feeling has all but disappeared. I feel mentally clearer and therefore have more energy and focus throughout the day. For me, that's priceless."
─ Janita Naaijer
Alignment coach
Hans Hogers
"Around age 30, I started having gout attacks in my feet and took pills for years. Once I started drinking Kangen water, I slowly tapered off the medication. The gout has not returned. Another story is that I had a bicycle accident last year in which my face was pretty battered. I started dabbing my wounds with Beauty Water (pH 6.0) and it worked super. A week later I was at my doctor's office for the removal of the stitches. He was tremendously surprised at how quickly my wounds had healed."
─ Hans Hogers
Eigenaar Heemborgh Makelaars Nieuw-Vennep​
Bianca Nieswaag
"After a few months of drinking Kangen water, many minor discomforts have disappeared and perhaps more than I can mention! As women, we know the discomforts of internal fungus and unpleasant odors, but that has all but disappeared with me. Furthermore, I feel more clear in my head and more focused which gives peace in my busy life as a boutique owner. Actually, everything feels better on all fronts and that obviously affects your whole state of mind. Kangen water is highly recommended and my family thrives on it."
─ Bianca Nieswaag
eigenaresse Style Depot
Gonny de Wit
"Kangenwater is 'life changing' for me! Always I have been working on a healthy lifestyle. Only I couldn't get the inflammation out of my body. Until I started drinking Kangenwater. Very quickly the pain disappeared and it didn't come back. Also my eczema is gone. Muscle pain after exercise has never been worse and I have much more energy! It drinks away super easy and my bowels are finally calm. What it does preventatively still, no idea, but it can only be good!"
─ Gonny de Wit
eigenaresse Identity Haircare
Danny Gerritse
"Marjanne is wonderful, I spent an hour breathlessly listening to a presentation on water. Not just listening but seeing and tasting what Kangen Water can do to us. I never liked tap water. Now I understand why. After the presentation I was immediately convinced."
─ Danny Gerritse
Holistic lifestyle mentor
Erna Schouten
"My daughter-in-law had gone to a Water Experience and brought us a bag of Kangen water. The water felt good right away. When the bag was empty, we immediately missed it. Then I too went to a Water Experience, really a complete story. By now my husband and I have a device. We feel better on all fronts. My skin is better hydrated, my hair shines more, my nails are stronger and I recover faster after exercise. My children regularly come to fill their water bags and our little dog now drinks much more water than before."
─ Erna Schouten
Greet Verhage
"Since April 2020, my husband and I have been drinking Kangen water. We are so excited about it! We now drink much more water than before, without feeling full. My skin is better hydrated, I no longer suffer from inflammation and notice that I have more energy. I can put that energy to good use at my work in nursing. I am also clearer in my head and notice that I am not as tired at the end of the day. So my water bottle with Kangen water always goes with me to work."
─ Greet Verhage
Martin Smits
"After my wife started drinking Kangen water and praised it, I started trying it too. Soon I noticed results. Before, I had bowel movements once every 3 or 4 days. Since I started drinking Kangen water I sometimes have twice a day. For me that is a great relief. I also got rid of the bloating I often suffered from. Patches on my skin that just wouldn't go away are now gone. What is also nice is that I feel "clean" inside. I believe Kangen water is helping me to live a healthier life."
─ Martin Smits
Diana Buskens
"For a long time I knew I was missing something in our tap water. I used to put gemstones in it or put it in a copper bottle to give the water extra strength. Until a customer gave me a tip on Kangen water. I immediately noticed that I drank it more easily and my children started drinking more water by themselves. The water supported me well during a fasting diet. With the father of my children we decided to buy a device. I hope I will have more positive experiences. I grant this water to everyone!"
─ Diana Buskens
Perle Mishna Calauor
"I'd like to say I felt excited to purchase the Kangen water machine after learning about its many uses, great health benefits and how it has changed many people's lives worldwide. Thanks to Vital Water for sharing with me this super amazing water last June 2021. Since drinking the water I have not suffered from constipation and that gives great relief to my well-being. I also noticed that my skin has become less dry, I fall asleep more easily, and I no longer have frequent headaches like in the past. Overall, I feel very good and energetic every day."
─ Perle Mishna Calauor
Xander Meijer
"Besides healthy food, we consider water an important aspect within the Pharos concept. The reason we chose Kangen water is because the device has medical certification from the Japanese government. We think drinking ionized water is important because it has a vitalizing effect on your body. People who feel vital become more productive and their absenteeism decreases. That is why we offer everyone in the building the opportunity to drink Kangen water."
─ Xander Meijer
The Farm Kitchen - Pharos gebouw Hoofddorp
Robert van der Vliet
"For about 2 months we have had the Kangen 8 device in our home. Truly a life-changing experience. Our daughter with epilepsy benefits tremendously and we feel much fitter and healthier. The 2.5 water for disinfecting and cleaning, the 11.5 for washing vegetables and not to mention the Beauty water for cleansing the skin. Marjanne's fantastic guidance is really a very good reason to buy from her. She is always willing to help and has great insight and knowledge. We are incredibly happy with our alkaline water, highly recommended for anyone."
─ Robert van der Vliet
Myriam van der Weijden
"After a clear demonstration by Marianne Bulk of the Kangen device, we purchased this device. We notice that the vegetables and fruits taste better. I myself notice that my skin has become calmer. I no longer suffer from eczema and the rosacea on my face has diminished. We are therefore very happy with our Kangen water device."
─ Myriam van der Weijden
Marga de Blanken
"On a collaboration day, I met Marjanne and tried her Kangen water. I noticed it drank away easily. Shortly thereafter went to a Water Experience. There my eyes were opened for a moment! The properties of all kinds of water were explained, including Kangen water. Since drinking the water I have noticed that I have much less redness on my face, my skin is better hydrated, I eat less and I often crave water. Oh, and I have almost no more muscle pain after exercising. Also a big improvement!"
─ Marga de Blanken
P.A. office Marge in Charge
"Kangen what? What the hell is that? Device that makes our tap water healthier? Must be another sales pitch. As skeptical as I am, I was persuaded to try Kangen water. First a few glasses of water a day, later it became more. Vegetables and fruits really have a wonderful natural taste after washing with Kangen water! Hot drinks like coffee and tea also taste really deliciously pure! I became more and more enthusiastic. We now also have a Kangen device. An investment for a healthy life for me and especially for our children. We are happy with it!"
─ Davy from Haarlemmermeer
Yvo Baak
"In the past, we measured in athletes their permanent and acute acidification. This was medium to high in athletes. Kangen water gives us an effective opportunity to significantly reduce acidification in athletes, allowing them to perform better. The body is better hydrated, allowing one to achieve peak performance. They get a flatter stomach because the bowels function better and one retains less fluid. At Yvolution Next Level Training, we go for the best, which includes the best water. Kangen water."
─ Yvo Baak
Yvolution Next Level Training
Astrid Goseling
"Being a sensitive type has its disadvantages because you are easily affected by allergies, intolerances and stress. I am therefore always looking for those things that increase my resistance in a natural way. With Kangen Water I have found a very valuable one in that. It is now very easy to drink enough to benefit from the advantages of Kangen Water. Already after a short time I noticed that I am fitter and clearer, no longer have stomach problems and I no longer have to get out three times at night. That alone makes me sleep better."
─ Astrid Goseling
"A good friend told me about all her positive health effects with Kangen Water. I noticed her skin was glowing and she seemed more energetic, so my interest was aroused. The water tastes wonderfully smooth and drinks away nicely. As an avid athlete, I notice that I have little to no muscle soreness after running or after a tough workout. I feel fit and vital. Even my children no longer drink anything else. The impurities in the oldest's skin have been greatly reduced. For the youngest, the dry skin on the upper arms has vanished in thin air ."
─ Patricia
Krista Samsom
"Have had the Kangen water device in our home for a few months now and we are very happy with it! I always drank a lot of water, but this water I really just keep drinking. I'm 25 weeks pregnant and really notice a difference in terms of fitness and less picking up of all the aches and colds compared to my previous pregnancy when I didn't drink Kangen water. Marjanne's guidance is very pleasant, which is why I recommend her to everyone! Meanwhile, my parents and in-laws also get water. And my boyfriend, who was very skeptical, is very much a fan!"
─ Krista Samsom
Dominique van der Zanden
"I am incredibly grateful that this wonderful water came my way. Due to an accident in 2013, I had to take a lot of medication, which caused me to suffer from fatigue and stomach pain, among other things. I have been drinking Kangen water for 1.5 years now and already feel so much better. Exercising is also better. I have much more energy and my symptoms are now halved. There is definitely still room for improvement, which is why I drink more than 2.5 liters every day. I don't suffer from a sloshing belly and that's super! You feel that your body absorbs the water quickly and that it really does something for you."
─ Dominique van der Zanden
Bisente Kenepa
"As a personal trainer and coach, I find it important to drink plenty of water spread throughout the day. Preferably water that is purified and alkaline. Kangen water contains these properties. As a result, the water supports my recovery after a workout and ensures that I can perform to the maximum again the next day. By drinking enough Kangen water every day, I feel energetic and vital. It is unfortunate that drinking pure and alkaline water is often underestimated in my profession."
─ Bisente Kenepa
Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning coach
Madorr Prins
"Since March 2020, I started drinking Kangen Water and I don't want anything else. The water really supported me during my pregnancy. Because the water contains the right minerals, it balanced my body. I noticed that when I drank Kangen Water consistently, the typical pregnancy ailments (including blemished skin, dental problems and nausea) became much less. During the post-partum period, I had a super easy recovery and my body quickly returned to good condition."
─ Madorr Prins
Rohit and Chandni Sharma
"We had installed our Kangen water machine in November 2019 after a thorough demo from Vital Water. It didn’t take that long for us to take a decision because the documented benefits needed no extra proofs. We had started observing the benefits with the energy we had during the whole day. We are more active and feel healthy from inside. The other salient positive is that we now clean our house with pH 2.5 water use no chemicals."
─ Rohit and Chandni Sharma
Maria van den Heuvel
"My husband and I have been using Kangen water for 3 years now. It is very important to us that we have less acidification in our bodies. The water is much softer and is not heavy. It makes us feel fitter. We also wash our fruits and vegetables with Kangen water. It gives much more flavor. Coffee, tea and soup also taste much better with Kangen water. Our plants also really like the water and start blooming beautifully as a thank you for us."
─ Maria van den Heuvel
Tatum Prins
"Since I have been using Kangen water, I notice a positive change in my physical and mental health. I no longer suffer from a lumpy stomach during exercise. The water is wonderful to drink. I have also used this water to put my plants in and they last much longer than usual!"
─ Tatum Prins

PFAS research
Free University Amsterdam

The carbon filter in the Kangen Water® device removes chlorine and lead from our tap water. On behalf of Vital Water, Free University of Amsterdam investigated the impact of the carbon filter on PFAS substances. The study showed that the carbon filter effectively removes these chemicals from our tap water.

What you may start to notice when you start drinking Kangen Water®

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